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RENPHO Bluetooth Scale

Julie here! Jim and I are trying to get more fit…like way more fit than we currently are! He runs and I like using my Peloton bike. I measure my inches and of course my weight to keep track of my progress, although we all know it’s when we can fit into “those” jeans again that we’ve made progress! Recently, our scale was giving us really random weights – like 9 lbs from one day to the next. I’d be okay with a variance of 3 or even 4 lbs…but 9 lbs is a lot of difference!

Time for a new scale. I purchased this one on Amazon. https://amzn.to/2QeOfFI

It was only $10 more than my current scale and it is AMAZING!!! It comes with batteries (yes!) AND has Bluetooth capabilities so that your measurements can automatically be added to your phone, once you download the app.

The measurements it gives me are weight, body fat percentage, BMI, fat-free body weight, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, body water, protein percentage, BMR and my metabolic age! My other scale just did weight…and it did a pretty poor job at that!

For less than $30 right now. Plus, Jim can have his own app and the scale will send the information to his phone as well.

I like knowing my numbers – it’s a great way for me to keep track of my progress. Numbers are our friends. This RENPHO app is a great addition to my other fitness apps: My Fitness Pal, Garmin Connect and Peloton!

Check out this great scale!

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